Monday, July 30, 2007



Next week my neighbor is going to be filming a
little video on ThePetCheckup
for YouTube (and also my website and anyone else who
wants to have it on their site). It will be me and
Dr. Wiegert at the vet clinic....I have someone who
can edit it and put it in the sites and am writing a
little script this weekend. I think it will end up
being 3 minutes total.

Since I have never done this before, I am open to
any suggestions that anyone might have to make it be
as effective as possible.

Any thoughts or suggestions in any capacity are
welcome. I want it to be very clear and effective
and welcome your input.

Thank you for your help!


It's good to keep the videos short for youtube and
your site. In fact, on our site you should mention
in small text the length of the video, that way
people know they will learn something quickly. The
2-3 minutes length is fine.

Make each video on one topic. Write a description of
the video, who is in it to be included when you upload
the video. Also, mention your url in the text
description. You could also start and end video with
screen shot of your web address, so people know where
to go for more.

The final issue is to add tags when you upload your
video. Tags are used in blogs and videos to help define
the content. Since youtube does not yet search the
video, you must use these words for searchers to find
your video. They are the equivalent of keywords. If you
are not sure beyond and pet health, then see if
there are already some similar products on youtube and
look at their tags. The Tags are listed on the right,
below the description of every video.


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