Friday, March 16, 2007

Content Ads vs. Search Advertising

Content vs. Search Advertising

Both Google and Yahoo (and soon MSN)display advertising on search results pages and content affiliate sites. These are sites that have Google and Overture code which delivers relevant ads to the sites’ viewers. The ads are determined by the same criteria and analysis of the content used for displaying the site in their free results. When these ads are clicked on, Google and Yahoo split the resulting revenue with that website.

So, with our Health Spa, we can open an account with Google, place the code on our pages, and see the resulting ads for competitors and products relating to health spas.

Advertising on these sites generally is less valuable. However, since we can track conversions we can determine what that value is to us.

Free Search Engine Content

The free ( organic in the world of SEO types) content is displayed in the middle of the page and these pages are ranked by

1. relevance of content of the site

2. site’s popularity

Search engines have copies of websites on their servers. They then match a user’s request with your website. Your site relevancy to a given search is the component that consumes Search Engine Consultants. (SEO’s). In short, search engines analyze every aspect of a page to determine its content.

The title of a page, its name, the words that are emphasized and repeated are all important factors.

So, in our case, a page named healthspa.html on

Our website has the title

Health Spa. That title is used numerous times on the page. Be careful not to overuse the repetition of the term. You want your site to be readable and

Relevant, not repetitive and spammy.

Popularity is

measured by links pointing to the site from other sites. Basically, the more links that point to your site the better. Google considers each link to be

the equivalent of a vote for your site.

However, not all links are created equal.

Some sites are created simply for linking and

will give little or no value to you. More

details on linking.

Online Marketing

To be successful online requires a commitment to free search/ paid search combined.However, there are limits to the volume of business acquired from these areas. In order to exceed that limit, you need targeted banner advertising.

Due to increasing complexity and competition, more firms are outsourcing their PPC management.

Google and Yahoo are currently the largest and most sophisticated PPC markets. Although both

use auctions and keyword matching, they have many differences that call for varied strategies to be utilized on each.

Their growth has been fueled by:

1) The effectiveness of targeting ads to each search and

2) The auction format for each search term that dynamically determines the value of traffic.

The current accuracy and detail of tracking mechanisms for direct response advertising is unprecedented. In this climate, the success of future advertising will be attributed to the effectiveness of carefully planned SEO strategies.

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