Sunday, March 18, 2007

More RSS Directories

A few directories approve immediately and some within a day or
two, all of these I have listed as quick approval. Everything
else is slow...from a week to much longer.

These directories are for RSS feeds rather than just
a blog directory.

Most allow multiple feeds from one URL...a few do not.

I have ranked these directories by, admittedly not the most accurate measure of traffic. Alexa is good enough for getting an idea of the relative value of each site to the others.

  • Search engine with one step (url) submission ....approval speed unknown -Alexa Rank: 9,944
  • Complex directory that allows submission of multiple feeds. Requires approval by reviewers which you can apply to be. -Alexa Rank: 44,447
  • Directory with Blog submission with category choice. -Alexa Rank: 50,914
  • All RSS feeds are manually approved for Directory. Submit to category. More of Blog than directory -Alexa Rank: 62,940
  • Not a directory to submit to. -Alexa Rank: 54,257
  • jordomedia.comSITE IS DOWN TEMPORARILY: Directory with search to find approved feeds. Submission allows for category and tagging. Intermittent approval. Has random feed and list of most popular feeds....on front page. link leads to page with all info on rss feed..sells links and feature feed on front page -Alexa Rank: 76,349
  • Similar to another site...?? easy submit directory -Alexa Rank: 95,966
  • Tedious and quirky submit process but good directory. Approval is quick -Alexa Rank: 78,604
  • Submit feed to category immediate approval -Alexa Rank: 80,205
  • One step feed submission in the appropriate category. Fairly quick approval.( weeks?) -Alexa Rank: 86,961
  • Must create a login to submit multiple RSS feeds allows bulk upload of feeds. Immediate approval. Rate feeds in Directory/ Search engine Has featured feeds on front -Alexa Rank: 90,385
  • Directory with two steps and spam filter. Approval unknown. -Alexa Rank: 108,126

  • Ajax smooth directory site Fast -Alexa Rank: 133,173
  • All RSS feeds are manually approved for this modified DMOZ Directory. Quick approval. Submit to category.-Alexa Rank: 138,794
  • Must create account to submit to category, quick submit and immediate approval -Alexa Rank: 154,611
  • Directory tries to get you to pay for listing. -Alexa Rank: 164,546
  • Can only add one feed per hour to control spam. One step -Alexa Rank: 167,828

  • Directory RSS Ajax fast submission and approval -Alexa Rank: 181,765

  • Directory -Alexa Rank: 240,402
  • More of a blogger tag directory -Alexa Rank: 252,986

  • Pay to submit feed/url guarantee with payment...must think they are Yahoo. WHY? -Alexa Rank: 263,289
  • Search engine with one step and tagging of feed with approval immediate. Submit feed is buried inexplictably in About US page. Has abiity to bundle but you must join -Alexa Rank: 279,568
  • Do not see any way to submit feeds. -Alexa Rank: 291,674
  • Directory of medical websites RSS.
    Submissions from medical related blogs or medical sites that are professional in content are welcomed, but you must first create a (free) logon. All feeds are then manually verified -Alexa Rank: 292,402
  • Directory with easy form to submit. -Alexa Rank: 299,596
  • -Alexa Rank: 306,073
  • One field feed submit with spam blocker... -Alexa Rank: 313,284

  • Seems to go off and on line -Alexa Rank: 344,269
  • bulkfeeds.netSITE APPEARS TO BE DOWN NOW. Japanese directory -Alexa Rank: 345,405
  • Directory of directories -Alexa Rank: 351,026
  • One step submission directory and quick approval. Has a PUT THIS FEED ON YOUR SITE page that creates java/php for their feed on your site. Looks same as -Alexa Rank: 377,445
  • Directory with url feed title and descrption to fill out. Approval unknown -Alexa Rank: 419,858
  • Directory of medical websites RSS. Seems slow -Alexa Rank: 425,658
  • Simple directory with few categories. Requires fee or reciprical link. -Alexa Rank: 478,452
  • Small directory with add to website javascript and login required to submit -Alexa Rank: 481,485
  • Directory easy submit -Alexa Rank: 540,473
  • Fast submit and approval to directory style RSS. -Alexa Rank: 544,548
  • Demands link exchange and fill out full form. Does not use own url but feeds url -Alexa Rank: 548,241
  • Search engine: Tagging of feed to submit. Approval unknown. feedooyoo says allow one month to be added to data base! -Alexa Rank: 605,119
  • I don't get this site : looks cool with ajax on front page and archive directory. Approval unknown. no way to confirm acceptance into data base. -Alexa Rank: 606,384
  • feedbeagle.comCANNOT REGISTER or LOG INTO site now. Is really a site that mixes news feeds. ...not a directory or seach engine. -Alexa Rank: 681,323
  • Simple one level directory with quick submit and confirm for RSS feeds. -Alexa Rank: 744,554
  • Fillout form for title description feed url and category choice. Approval intermitent. -Alexa Rank: 766,537
  • One step submission directory and immediate approval. -Alexa Rank: 858,368
  • Fast ajax simple submit form and fast approval. Simple directory fast approve must register -Alexa Rank: 926,896
  • Medical directory -Alexa Rank: 1,050,428
  • -Alexa Rank: 1,097,621
  • Submit to category is easy and it has simple directory and search to find feeds. Slow approval. Has link to Put this feed on your website. and allows you to control look and feel...with a l ink back to purerss Generated by PureRSS by iPureSearch JAVA Script.. Same as -Alexa Rank: 1,300,291
  • -Alexa Rank: 1,486,566
  • -Alexa Rank: 2,784,654
  • -Alexa Rank: 5,239,026
  • Directory with title description feed url submission. Various ways to rank feeds on front page. May only allow one feed per url?? -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • -Alexa Rank: 7,432,305