Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Selecting Keywords

Keywords are those words or phrases that you think
people might use to search for your product or service.
Both Google and Yahoo give you ample tools to
help you determine which phrases might be best for you.
There are several issues to deal with when selecting
  1. Relevance
  2. Enough traffic
  3. Too much traffic
Relevance means that these words must be in line with
the content of your site. Many years ago you could
just load your page with a massive repetition of
keywords and you would get traffic from any search
engine, this was preGoogle.

With the Yahoo keyword tool you are able to find out
if anyone actually uses the keywords you have selected.
It also gives you many variations of your phrase and
the number of queries last month for those phrases.
With this tool you can tell if there is enough traffic
(or any traffic) for your phrase to be worth the effort
of targeting your site.

On the other hand, if your phrase has a tremendous
amount of traffic, there may be so much competition
for it that you will never rank well.

You need to strike a balance of enough and too much
traffic. Once you arrange your site it will take time
for you to see results. For now MSN seems to respond
most quickly, then Google and Yahoo. With Google
the higher your PageRank the faster you will see
changes in your rank for any given relevant keyword.

The next steps is to develop as extensive a list of keywords.
If you are doing this for a pay per click campaign you want it
to be as large as possible. You will find that most of your
traffic will come from a few obvious phrases. You should
also be able to get traffic from less used and there for less
competitive terms. If you are developing this list for
your website you need provide content to back up your
keywords, so you should try to stay more with the
most commonly used phrases for your product/service.