Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PPC marketing and making keywords relevant

Bob we need to market ourselves to advertising agencies about
our services, what steps can we take?
In school marketing

It seems that the agencies are using Google more now than ever
to research advertising possibilities. Most of the contacts we get
are from small advertisers, but we also are being contacted by
the largest agencies in New York ...all from the internet.

I think the quickest and cheapest way to find out if this is the case
in your area is to set up a small Google Adwords campaign. If you
go to Google Adwords, it is a simple interface to use to set up
your account.

Click on Google Adwords on this page

Two elements to Adwords campaigns

1. keywords
2. text ads

Keywords are the words that you think your clients might use
to find your service. Here are some examples with the traffic
for one month on Yahoo...multiply by 3 (or more ) for traffic
on Google .

I used the Yahoo keyword tool and it gives you the traffic for
the past month for all keywords and gives you variations. I
used Scholastics (good to advertise on competitors name),
Marketing/Advertising with teen/youth.

113 advertising in schools
95 top advertising schools
88 online advertising school
273 marketing to teen
65 youth advertising
269 youth marketing
35 accredited advertising nationally offer school student
25 high school advertising
145 teen advertising
1357 scholastic inc
638 scholastic com
186 scholastic publisher
120 scholastic press
103 teacher scholastic news

This is not a lot of traffic to advertise to...and there must be
more keywords to use...promotions?

Whatever...Google will even help with that when you set up
your account.


Here are the top three ads for the top ten Teen Advertising
on Google

*Teen*/Tween Marketing -NAM Reaching Teens & Kids Nationally! Serving Small To Fortune 1000

Alloy Media & Marketing Leverage proven *teen* ad platforms Reach teens both in & out of school
*Teen Advertising* A Tool For National Brands To Reach Teens & Tweens On Their Vacations!

The key is to use all or part of your keyword in the
advertisement. Google and now Yahoo reward relevancy
in your ads so include.....TEEN ADVERTISING in your
adv for that keyword. Google will show them as bold and
rewards you with higher placement for less $$.

So you should make up a couple of ads similar for
Planet Report....

Teen Advertising Reaching Teens in schools for 18 years.......blah blah blah

very prominently placed on your site for whatever info you want
from them. Obviously, the more you ask for the fewer signins you get.

There is more to PPC advertising but to get a start on a small
account this should get you going in the right direction.


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