Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Steps you can take to improve your website

Google states clearly how to create a good website.

Create a useful, information-rich site.....Another useful test is
to ask (about strategy for your site), "Does this help my users?

The content should be unique, not articles taken from sites that
offer free everyone else. Also, it should be written
with the user in mind, as if search engines did not exist.

The site must be popular, in other words more important websites
must link to it than to other sites. Each link is seen as a
vote for that sites value.

The creative part is more implied, but is useful to attain those two
goals. There are many tools available that add value to your site.
This post will mention a few cool tools that even a non-programmer
can use to improve his site.

Embedded Google Maps

With Embedded Maps you can add Google maps to your blog or
website by cut and paste. This can be used to show your location.
Driving directions or create markers related to the content of
your site.

Yahoo Pipes ( I love Yahoo Pipes)
Yahoo Pipes is much more complicated but it creates such a
powerful result. You can custom roll your own RSS feeds for
your website. This is a terrific tool for anyone that wants to
create highly targeted feeds, which can then be displayed on
your blog/ website.

In case you didn't know, any Youtube video can be displayed
on your site. Find the video you want and look for the
EMBEDDED code on the right of the video, copy that code
and paste it on your blog.

RSS Feed Reader
This tool allows you to take your Yahoo Pipes RSS feed
(or any other feed) and have it on your site. Again this
involves no programming and takes only a couple of

Google LatLong: YouTube-style Embeddable Maps