Thursday, May 3, 2007

Duplicate Content

I had asked google adsense if it was OK to put up sites which substantially mirrored partial content from our main site. There are currently quite a few of them, using the .info domain, etc. It was OK with adsense, but maybe now it is NOT ok with google search.

Duplicate content is duplicate content. A search engine wants only
to display unique content and the original source of that content.
If you have some repetition of content for usabilities sate that
should not be a problem. However, Google in particular will, at
the least, place your content in Supplemental Results, which means
it is indexed, but will rarely direct anyone to it.

For duplicate content the polite thing to do is to place no index
no follow tags on the pages or disallow in the robots file. This
way you can have whatever content on your site you want without
concern for penalties.

To see what I am talking about just query your URL at Google and you will see the list of pages indexed
of your site. If you see something like this:

The top line is taken from the title of your site ...
The descprition of your site is here often taken from the
meta description or from the first couple of lines of your site... - 12k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

The result tells you this is in Supplemental Results. If you
have recently seen many pages moved into supplemental results
it may just be that Google is evaluating the links that point
to these pages as much as before. Low PageRank is apparently
the major cause of Supplemental Results. See Matt
Cutts comments.

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