Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Advertisers conflict with Publishers Click Report

We have a client using Google Analytics to confirm the clicks
we say are going to his site. Analytics has typically been a
problem, but we need an explanation for the difference.
What could be causing this?
There will always be differences in traffic count. However,
this discrepancy is way to large to explain as acceptable.
Generally over 10% is considered unacceptable and reason to
renegotiate. Every stat program has different logic and measure
of a what constitutes a legitimate click. There can be
differences on programs recognizing bots. There are articles
on this detail and none of it has to do with click fraud.
The fix that you did was on the reporting to yourself of
AWSTATS data. This did not change the reporting of the banner
software program you use to track your banner ads. I had
suggested using a third party adv server solution. This is
the very reason you use a third party, so you can say ...its
impartial. I would suggest changing to some third party
server now.

I thought I might be possible to get stats from your logs to
back up your claim of clicks, but unless it was set up that way
in advance, I doubt it.