Saturday, March 17, 2007

RSS Directories : Sundic8 has created a sort of Dmoz/Wiki come approve all these feeds that
the public has submitted situation. This is the most sophisticated directory I have found. It tests all RSS feeds for syntax and for providing fresh content.

I don't understand the structure which four different directories within it of:

Syndic8, DMOZ, NIF, NIF_DOMZ and TX

At any rate there is a lot of information within for the submitter of feeds about the traffic
being generated by being in this directory.

Final note, they need your help editing those feeds.

I have a more complete RSS Directory list with over 120 directories. There
is a small comment on each directory I went to there.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Moving beyond three letters.

These three are intertwined. Pay per click has the advantage of
immediately reaching the broadest market and to track its
effectiveness in measuring sales (or conversions). Once you
find out what is driving your revenue you are able to better
focus your SEO campaign on those terms.

The hardest part of SEO is making a site important in Googles
eyes, PageRank. With low PageRank no matter what you do
optimizing your site, it will not generate interest or traffic from

RSS gives two benefits to a website. One is that as your RSS
feed is syndicated or subscribed to, you will receive more traffic
to your site. The second aspect is that there are a multitude of
directories to submit your site, in some cases these are one-way
links. Some of these directories are aggregators meaning
they take various blogs/RSS feeds and merge them into one feed
for their traffic to subscribe to. In this way your blog/RSS feed can
be propagated accross the internet to relevant sites and relevant

Below is a partial list of current RSS Directories:

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