Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click advertising refers to small text ads at the top and sides of search engine results pages. Advertisers aggressively bid for search terms that people employ to find products and services. As one queries a term, an ad appears. Clients are only charged when the ad is clicked upon and transports the viewer to the site.

Pay per click management is the implementation and monitoring of these ad word campaigns. PPC management entails the following:

· Selection of Keywords

· Adv Creation

· Conversion tracking

· Monitoring bids and optimizing campaign

· Content vs. Search

· Linking

Keywords Selection

A product or service typically contain one or two words that are apparent when selecting search terms. Both Google and Yahoo have a keyword tool aid(service?) that enables you to expand the list of terms and thus generate additional traffic.

There is also the use of negative terms, which disallows wasting money on ineffective ads. A negative term is a word used in tandem with your search term that prevents your ad from being displayed.

For example, if you are a Spa, you might bid on SPA with a negative key word of SUPPLIES. A search for HEALTH SPA SUPPLIES would not show your adv. However, a search for HEALTH SPA would introduce your ad.

ADV Creation

Text ads on Google and Yahoo are minimal-

usually between 15 and 20 words. Ads are connected to a specific search term. So, the initial task is to construct an ad that tells your story by utilizing that term. A searcher determines that you have what they need if you are efficient in the ad you produce! You don’t want to pay for irrelevant traffic.

Google treats text ads differently than Yahoo. Google has a quality score for each ad.

It is a function of relevance and click thru rate- the maximum is pay per click.

As one creates multiple ads for one search term,

Google rotates their use and automatically uses the ads that generate the most clicks. Therefore, when constructing ads for Google, use the search term within your adv. So our adv would be:

Health Spa

Come to the worlds most

Expensive health spa.

In this ad we have the term Health Spa twice, making it highly relevant to anyone searching health Spa. So, over time Google will reward our relevance for that search with a higher ranking.

Initially, this optimization is beneficial for you. Google optimizes clicks’ traffic
to your site. This signifies Google is optimizing its revenue.

However, we want to optimize your revenue.

This is where conversion tracking is critical.

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