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Select Relevant Keywords

Expand Your Customer Base and Target Your Market

Keywords are the lifeblood of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. Keywords are the unusual jargon or terms your customers use to search for the services or products that you offer. Keywords help you to expand your customer base and to screen out customers that are not looking for the services or products on your site. At MedBanner, our team will help you select the keywords that will improve your page rank on search engines and place your ads higher in Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Use Keywords to Expand Your Customer Base

At MedBanner, we research the keywords preferred by your customer base, using the Yahoo Keyword Selection tool. Once you know these keywords, you can include them in your website titles, links, content and metatags, so the search engine will list your site in response to a potential customer’s search engine query.

By expanding your use of keywords, you can substantially increase the flow of your targeted customers to your site.

Select Keywords Relevant to Search Engines

Keywords are also important in making your site more important to search engines, helping your site rise in page rank. In optimizing your site to improve your rank, you can feature only 2-3 keywords on each page, so it’s essential to choose your keywords carefully.

For each page of your site, we will research the exact keywords or phrases that were used most often by your customer base last month. Let’s say you own a physician employment agency. Using the Yahoo Keyword Selection Tool, our team at MedBanner can tell you that "doctor jobs" was queried 3,000 times on Yahoo in the last month, but “physician jobs” was queried 18,000 times. This tells you that “physician jobs” is a more relevant keyword. We take the guesswork out of keyword selection, pinpointing the words your targeted customers are actually using in search engine queries.

Using Keywords in Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

In PPC Advertising, your advertisement appears in the margins of search page when a customer types in certain keywords. You pay for the ad only when the potential customer clicks on the ad’s link to your site.

Our team at MedBanner helps you expand your list of relevant keywords so you can place ads on literally thousands of search engine pages that are relevant to your product or service. That way, whether your potential customer clicks on "Physician Jobs" they will find your ad for your physician employment agency website.

Besides helping you select the most relevant keywords for your PPC ads, we will help you select negative keywords that will prevent the ad from being displayed to the wrong customers, thus saving you the expense of paying for clicks that are not going to result in sales.

For example, if you are offering spa services, you might select spa along with a negative keyword supplies. Then if a potential customer searches for health spa supplies, your ad would not be shown. This is good, as you are not selling health spa supplies. If the same customer typed in health spa, your ad would pop up in the margin of the search, giving that qualified customer the opportunity to click on your ad.

Our team at MedBanner will research and select the keywords and negative keywords for your Pay-Per-Click ads, saving you thousands of dollars on wasted clicks and driving many new qualified customers to your site each day.

Get expert help with ad creation, PPC management and optimization in business since 1999.

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