Sunday, January 24, 2010

Article Directory List

Article Directories have been around for a few years and after visiting a large group they seem to fall into a few categories. The rules at all directories are very similar:
Directory Rules:
  1. Only Unique Articles allowed, not published elsewhere.
  2. Articles written by you.
  3. You give them the right to publish on for free on their site and network.
  4. You get a limited number of links to your site, usually 3.
  5. No links are allowed to Porn sites, gambling sites and so on.
  6. Articles are usually a minimum of 500 words long.

Obviously, these "rules" are followed to varying degrees, some
directories not at all, while the better ones are quite serious. If
you do not follow their rules, you risk being deleted from their
site, along with your links.

Approval Speed

Some site approve immediately, they must have very good
editors. Some clearly do read them first and still approve
within a week, which to me is surprisingly fast.

I have a list of 20 that are closed taking new content as there were
too many "spammers" or people not following the rules. So beware.

Some just got tired of time it takes to approve. Some
are angry at writers submitting duplicate content.

There are 100s in this list and many have real content and real
effort to edit good articles. Many directories seem to exist to
generate text links for the writers and some adv revenue for
the site.

These directories have a specific audience and topic that they are
addressing. In many of these sites the content has real value and
the value to the writers is in reaching that market, not simply
getting links to their own websites. Health/Medical Health Articles Green Articles Green Articles Green Articles

One of the tricks that several directories employs is to allow you
to post as many articles as you like while not telling you that
you will get no SEO benefit from them. All of your links
will have NO FOLLOW TAGS embedded in the links.
This tells Google not to follow your link to your site, effectively
nullifying it. Some directories will remove the no follows if
you pay or you meet some other criteria. READ THE FINE

Some charge because they is value in being on their site, high page
rank, good traffic of a valuable audience. For some it is hard to
imagine anyone pays even the $10 to have an article "edited"
and posted. It seems wishful thinking with so many free
directories that are just as good as these pay sites appear
to be.

These are sites that are trying to develop a sense of online
community among the writers that post to the site. They
have various credits that you must earn to allow you to
post articles. Some of these directories are more
complicated than I thought necessary, but interesting. NF Links NF links

One final comment. I am impressed with the number of
URLS that have been created using the word "article".
Here are just a few:
and my favorite:
Who knew?

Here are 394 Directories all have some pagerank:

Not sure what to think about these sites as articles have been posted
but Google has not reported their links even though they have good

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