Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Moving content and changing to text urls

We are using Drupal for our content management and
wonder about changing the urls for our site. The old
urls were with ID numbers and a short query string


and the new will be


Should we have any concerns about this move?

Well, switching to text urls is good for two reasons.
1. Search engines handle text urls better than query*
2. Keyword rich urls will emphasise the content of each
page to Google

One further issue to consider. If this is being used to
create new urls for content that has already been indexed,
then you MUST have a way to create redirects from the old
query URL to the new text url. If you do not use redirects,
you will create a large number of 404s (page not found)
for your already indexed content.....a very bad thing.

Finally, make sure all redirects are permanent redirects
(301) not temporary redirects (302).


* Google on Query string urls...

If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains
a "?" character), be aware that not every search engine spider
crawls dynamic pages as well as static pages. It helps to keep
the parameters short and the number of them few.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Advertisers conflict with Publishers Click Report

We have a client using Google Analytics to confirm the clicks
we say are going to his site. Analytics has typically been a
problem, but we need an explanation for the difference.
What could be causing this?
There will always be differences in traffic count. However,
this discrepancy is way to large to explain as acceptable.
Generally over 10% is considered unacceptable and reason to
renegotiate. Every stat program has different logic and measure
of a what constitutes a legitimate click. There can be
differences on programs recognizing bots. There are articles
on this detail and none of it has to do with click fraud.
The fix that you did was on the reporting to yourself of
AWSTATS data. This did not change the reporting of the banner
software program you use to track your banner ads. I had
suggested using a third party adv server solution. This is
the very reason you use a third party, so you can say ...its
impartial. I would suggest changing to some third party
server now.

I thought I might be possible to get stats from your logs to
back up your claim of clicks, but unless it was set up that way
in advance, I doubt it.



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Supplemental Results

Hi Robert,

Thanks! Yeah, I tend to agree its a good site even if it has seen better days. At this point the problem is keeping people interested in maintaining it. I've been involved for a long time and am one of the advocates for keeping it going in some form - I'll pass along your message to the powers that be (I'm a powers that be lite - webmaster and former chair of the board). Seems like these "links list" sites are starting to drop unless they're commercial and can afford to pay people to maintain them. We've had 10+ years as an all volunteer effort, and very democratic too (we've resisted partnering with commercial or large professional associations to maintain independence). In the last 2-3 years things have really started to decline, though.

The current Board Chair is wanting to figure out a way to save things, I'll mention what you had to say (a number of other users agree - its the people behind the site who are running out of steam). It might also convert to something different (like, say, a Google custom search or set of del.icio.us bookmarks or something).

Take care,

I would not change the site into another form. Change can only upset the search engine applecart. If you think to go in a different direction, add the new angle to the old. If over time the new succeeds, you could delete the old.

You could do Google ads and but if may not pay enough to cover
expenses. It would be easy to find out. The trick is to make the
ads relevant to the content. I looked very quickly at the structure
of your site, and there are a number of things that you could do to
help with Google. This should create more traffic.

One problem is the HTML on your site puts the navigation bar at
the top of your content giving the wrong impression of your
content. You have most of your content listed in Supplemental
Results. This means that Google thinks this content is not that
unique or important, so it may never call it up as a resouce for
any given search.

There are two steps you can take to cure this. One is to redo your
HTML so that your content is literally at the top of your page
(view source of your page to see what a search engine sees).
The simpler step may be to create Meta Descriptsions for each
page that pull the first 28 words from the page itself.

This way you would have some description of the content and
Google can easily see each page is unique. Overtime this should
move your content, that is unique, out of Supplemental Results
and give you more traffic.

BTW I would also change the titles to each page slightly. Your
current page is

HealthWeb : Rheumatology: Clinical Resources

I would change it to

Rheumatology: Clinical Resources: HealthWeb

This emphasises the uniqueness of each page in the title.


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blog Directories

127 Blog directories to submit your blog to ranked by PageRank.

Obviously, all of these directories can help drive traffic
to your blog. Theoretically the higher PageRank will help your
blog more, but in practice some directories will drive real traffic
whether they have good PR or not. Sometimes larger directories
may bury your content and result in no benefit.

There are undoubtedly better ways to rank directories, but
this is they way I am presenting it for now. I have been
to all of these directories today.

Pressradar.com One step to submit, simple interface. Form says 4 to 6 weeks to approve content. -PageRank: 8

blogflux.com -PageRank: 4
blogsearchengine.com -PageRank: 4 - See icerocket.com

Blogdex.net Not active . Blogdex is currently being rethought. 5/8/2007 still has good PageRank, bummer!-PageRank: 7
bloghub.com -PageRank: 6
blogarama.com -PageRank: 4
getblogs.com -PageRank: 3 - Requires Reciprocal
eatonweb.com Login and submit form required. -PageRank: 5
BlogCatalog.com Simple form to fill out. Seems to add content quickly to directory. -PageRank: 7
Blogdigger.com One field submit form, requests link back -PageRank: 7
BoingBoing Six fields to fill out to submit, but some fields optional. Quick to submit.-PageRank: 7
Crayon.com For US News blogs only. This means that national and world news can be listed, but usually not locally-focused publications -PageRank: 7
DayPop.com For US News blogs only. This is a current events search engine. -PageRank: 7
blogory.com Quick submission. Findory crawls thousands of weblogs to help our readers find and discover interesting news. -PageRank: 7
blogtoplist.com Login required for multi field form to fill out for submission. Requests reciprocal link to measure your popularity. -PageRank: 6
bloghop.com Requires Login to submit blog to tagged sites. -PageRank: 6 - Only allows 1 blog per email
bloguniverse.com Requires Login to submit blog . -PageRank: 6 - Must pay for submit
blog-directory.org -PageRank: 6
blogexplosion.com Directory requires login -PageRank: 6
blogtopsites.com Merging with Blog Flux -PageRank: 6
blogstreet.com -PageRank: 6
memigo.com News feeds only -PageRank: 6 - No place for submit
BOTW Blog Directory Dmoz type directory of blogs -PageRank: 6
Blawg.org -PageRank: 6
Blog-search.com -PageRank: 6
Bloogz.com -PageRank: 6 - Site temp down
Diarist.net -PageRank: 6 - No place for submit & Email does not work.
weblogalot.com Dmoz categories of blogs -PageRank: 6
FindingBlog.com Dmoz type directory -PageRank: 6 - requires reciprocal
Findory.com -PageRank: 6
FlybySearch.com -PageRank: 6 - Site down
Globeofblogs.com -PageRank: 6
LSBlogs.com -PageRank: 6 - Only allows 1 blog per Email
Rateitall.com -PageRank: 6
ReadAblog.com -PageRank: 6
Tailrank.com -PageRank: 6
anse.de -PageRank: 6 - Site not in English
bloggeries.com Requires fee to be registered -PageRank: 6
bloggernity.com -PageRank: 6
blogsweet.com -PageRank: 6 - Requires reciprocal
bloggapedia.com Directory -PageRank: 6
delightfulblogs.com -PageRank: 6 - Must pay for submit
topblogarea.com -PageRank: 6 - Only allows one blog per Email
topblogging.com -PageRank: 6 - Only allows one blog per Email
vunclefeed.com -PageRank: 5 - Site down
biggerblogger.com -PageRank: 5 - Site down
blogannounce.info -PageRank: 5 - Must pay for submit
blogs-collection.com -PageRank: 5 -Requires reciprocal
5starblogs.com Requires login in a multi field form. -PageRank: 5
blogrunner.com -PageRank: 5 - No place for submit
blogoriffic.com -PageRank: 5 - Only allows 1 blog per Email
All-Blogs.net -PageRank: 5
localfeeds.com -PageRank: 5 - Site temp down
blogmopolis.com -PageRank: 5 - Site temp down
blogdirs.com -PageRank: 5
Blogcode.com -PageRank: 5
Blogbib.com -PageRank: 5 - Requires reciprocal
BlogMap -PageRank: 5 - No place for submit
Blogz -PageRank: 5 - Site does not function correctly
Bulletize.com -PageRank: 5 - Requires reciprocal
ContentsMatter Login required -PageRank: 5
bloggernow.com Directory of blogs -PageRank: 5
iBlog Business Directory -PageRank: 5
Industry-blogs -PageRank: 5
blogsforsmallbusiness.com Only for blogs to help small businesses. Login required and requests link back -PageRank: 5
totalblogdirectory.com Garamond type simple text directory -PageRank: 5
Strategic Board -PageRank: 5
blogtagstic.com Uses tagging -PageRank: 5 - Must pay for submit
blog-watch.com -PageRank: 5 - Submission page down
search4blogs.com -PageRank: 5 - No place to submit
thevital.net Dmoz type directory -PageRank: 5
blogadvance.com -PageRank: 5 - Spam
kinja.com -PageRank: 5 - Email address provided bounces
blogupper.com -PageRank: 5
myblog2u.com Dmoz directory of blogs -PageRank: 5
blog-directory-submit.com -PageRank: 5
surrealblog.com Directory -PageRank: 5 - Site down
bloggingfusion.com Directory -PageRank: 5
outpost-earth.com -PageRank: 5
theblogresource.om -PageRank: 5 - Requires reciprocal
bloggerteam.com -PageRank: 5 - Must pay for submit
buzzbums.com -PageRank: 5
mybloggingarea.com -PageRank: 5
blogdumps.com -PageRank: 5
eblogzilla.com Requires reciprocal link. Relatively simple submit form. -PageRank: 4
blogbunch.com -PageRank: 4
bloglisting.com -PageRank: 4
blogpulse.com -PageRank: 4
blogpoint.com -PageRank: 4
browseblogs.com -PageRank: 4
quickblogdirectory.com -PageRank: 4- Requires reciprocal
kookkoo.com Really slow loading -PageRank: 4
blogazoo.com -PageRank: 4 - Submission page is down
Redtram -PageRank: 4
blogsbycity.com -PageRank: 4
grokodile.com -PageRank: 4 - Submission page is down
indieblogdirectory.com Indi blogs -PageRank: 4
marketingscoop.com Marketing blogs -PageRank: 4 - Requires reciprocal
spillbean.com Modified Dmoz directory -PageRank: 4 - Requires reciprocal
blog-search.info Simple directory -PageRank: 4
blogion.com Tagging login required -PageRank: 4
weblog-index.com -PageRank: 4
Blogintro -PageRank: 3
GeekPhilisopher -PageRank: 3 - Site down
fried-spaghetti.com -PageRank: 3 - No place for submit
blogwebdirectory.com Modified Dmoz directory -PageRank: 3
blogpopular.com Directory -PageRank: 3 - Requires reciprocal
blogscatalog.com -PageRank: 3
blogfolders.com -PageRank: 3
blogoozle.com -PageRank: 3
aggregatedblog.com Directory of blogs -PageRank: 2
myblogdirectory.net Easy submit. Recip link is tracked and blog of day on front page determined by traffic you drive to them. -PageRank: 0
blogtastic.com -PageRank: 0 - Site down
yourwebloghere.com Closed to new submits now -PageRank: 0
wilsdomain.com Slow to come up. -PageRank: 0 - Submission down
blogdrive.info -Alexa 1,121,000 PageRank: 0 -Requires reciprocal
blogized.com -PageRank: 0 - Spam
feedmap.net -PageRank:
akacooties.com -PageRank: - Site down
feed-directory.com Seems to go off and on line -PageRank:
blogspot.com cool -PageRank:
tag login -PageRank:


More RSS Directories

A few directories approve immediately and some within a day or
two, all of these I have listed as quick approval. Everything
else is slow...from a week to much longer.

These directories are for RSS feeds rather than just
a blog directory.

Most allow multiple feeds from one URL...a few do not.

I have ranked these directories by Alexa.com, admittedly not the most accurate measure of traffic. Alexa is good enough for getting an idea of the relative value of each site to the others.

  • icerocket.com Search engine with one step (url) submission ....approval speed unknown -Alexa Rank: 9,944
  • syndic8.com Complex directory that allows submission of multiple feeds. Requires approval by reviewers which you can apply to be. -Alexa Rank: 44,447
  • feeds4all.com Directory with Blog submission with category choice. -Alexa Rank: 50,914
  • 2rss.com All RSS feeds are manually approved for Directory. Submit to category. More of Blog than directory -Alexa Rank: 62,940
  • news-medical.net Not a directory to submit to. -Alexa Rank: 54,257
  • jordomedia.comSITE IS DOWN TEMPORARILY: Directory with search to find approved feeds. Submission allows for category and tagging. Intermittent approval. Has random feed and list of most popular feeds....on front page. link leads to page with all info on rss feed..sells links and feature feed on front page -Alexa Rank: 76,349
  • rss-network.com Similar to another site...?? easy submit directory -Alexa Rank: 95,966
  • feeds2read.net Tedious and quirky submit process but good directory. Approval is quick -Alexa Rank: 78,604
  • feedfury.com Submit feed to category immediate approval -Alexa Rank: 80,205
  • chordata.info One step feed submission in the appropriate category. Fairly quick approval.( weeks?) -Alexa Rank: 86,961
  • feedage.com Must create a login to submit multiple RSS feeds allows bulk upload of feeds. Immediate approval. Rate feeds in Directory/ Search engine Has featured feeds on front -Alexa Rank: 90,385
  • rssfeeds.com Directory with two steps and spam filter. Approval unknown. -Alexa Rank: 108,126

  • rssmicro.com Ajax smooth directory site Fast -Alexa Rank: 133,173
  • gourt.com All RSS feeds are manually approved for this modified DMOZ Directory. Quick approval. Submit to category.-Alexa Rank: 138,794
  • feedcat.net Must create account to submit to category, quick submit and immediate approval -Alexa Rank: 154,611
  • newwebdirectory.com Directory tries to get you to pay for listing. -Alexa Rank: 164,546
  • postami.com Can only add one feed per hour to control spam. One step -Alexa Rank: 167,828

  • feedbase.net Directory RSS Ajax fast submission and approval -Alexa Rank: 181,765

  • rss-feeds-directory.com Directory -Alexa Rank: 240,402
  • rssmad.com More of a blogger tag directory -Alexa Rank: 252,986

  • feedplex.com Pay to submit feed/url ...no guarantee with payment...must think they are Yahoo. WHY? -Alexa Rank: 263,289
  • jamespot.com Search engine with one step and tagging of feed with approval immediate. Submit feed is buried inexplictably in About US page. Has abiity to bundle but you must join -Alexa Rank: 279,568
  • feedsee.com Do not see any way to submit feeds. -Alexa Rank: 291,674
  • medworm.com Directory of medical websites RSS.
    Submissions from medical related blogs or medical sites that are professional in content are welcomed, but you must first create a (free) logon. All feeds are then manually verified -Alexa Rank: 292,402
  • feeddirectory.us Directory with easy form to submit. -Alexa Rank: 299,596
  • rssjunky.com -Alexa Rank: 306,073
  • rss-spider.com One field feed submit with spam blocker... -Alexa Rank: 313,284

  • findrss.net Seems to go off and on line -Alexa Rank: 344,269
  • bulkfeeds.netSITE APPEARS TO BE DOWN NOW. Japanese directory -Alexa Rank: 345,405
  • rssfeedsubmission.com Directory of directories -Alexa Rank: 351,026
  • feedboy.com One step submission directory and quick approval. Has a PUT THIS FEED ON YOUR SITE page that creates java/php for their feed on your site. Looks same as purerss.com -Alexa Rank: 377,445
  • scienceport.org Directory with url feed title and descrption to fill out. Approval unknown -Alexa Rank: 419,858
  • medical-feeds.com Directory of medical websites RSS. Seems slow -Alexa Rank: 425,658
  • freefeedsdirectory.com Simple directory with few categories. Requires fee or reciprical link. -Alexa Rank: 478,452
  • rss-feed.org Small directory with add to website javascript and login required to submit -Alexa Rank: 481,485
  • yourfeeds.com Directory easy submit -Alexa Rank: 540,473
  • free-rss.page2go2.com Fast submit and approval to directory style RSS. -Alexa Rank: 544,548
  • nfeeds.com Demands link exchange and fill out full form. Does not use own url but feeds url -Alexa Rank: 548,241
  • feedooyoo.com Search engine: Tagging of feed to submit. Approval unknown. feedooyoo says allow one month to be added to data base! -Alexa Rank: 605,119
  • feedgod.com I don't get this site : looks cool with ajax on front page and archive directory. Approval unknown. no way to confirm acceptance into data base. -Alexa Rank: 606,384
  • feedbeagle.comCANNOT REGISTER or LOG INTO site now. Is really a site that mixes news feeds. ...not a directory or seach engine. -Alexa Rank: 681,323
  • rssmotron.com Simple one level directory with quick submit and confirm for RSS feeds. -Alexa Rank: 744,554
  • feednuts.com Fillout form for title description feed url and category choice. Approval intermitent. -Alexa Rank: 766,537
  • feedburn.com One step submission directory and immediate approval. -Alexa Rank: 858,368
  • infoom.se Fast ajax simple submit form and fast approval. Simple directory fast approve must register -Alexa Rank: 926,896
  • rss4medics.com Medical directory -Alexa Rank: 1,050,428
  • rss-today.com -Alexa Rank: 1,097,621
  • purerss.com Submit to category is easy and it has simple directory and search to find feeds. Slow approval. Has link to Put this feed on your website. and allows you to control look and feel...with a l ink back to purerss Generated by PureRSS by iPureSearch JAVA Script.. Same as Feedboy.com -Alexa Rank: 1,300,291
  • rss-blog-directory.com -Alexa Rank: 1,486,566
  • rss-info.info -Alexa Rank: 2,784,654
  • rssmob.com -Alexa Rank: 5,239,026
  • rssnuts.com Directory with title description feed url submission. Various ways to rank feeds on front page. May only allow one feed per url?? -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • rsspromotiondirectory.com -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • feed27.com -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • anyrss.com -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • myxmlfeed.com -Alexa Rank: 7,000,000
  • rssfeeds4you.com -Alexa Rank: 7,432,305


Saturday, March 17, 2007

RSS Directories

www.syndic8.com : Sundic8 has created a sort of Dmoz/Wiki come approve all these feeds that
the public has submitted situation. This is the most sophisticated directory I have found. It tests all RSS feeds for syntax and for providing fresh content.

I don't understand the structure which four different directories within it of:

Syndic8, DMOZ, NIF, NIF_DOMZ and TX

At any rate there is a lot of information within for the submitter of feeds about the traffic
being generated by being in this directory.

Final note, they need your help editing those feeds.

I have a more complete RSS Directory list with over 120 directories. There
is a small comment on each directory I went to there.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Content Ads vs. Search Advertising

Content vs. Search Advertising

Both Google and Yahoo (and soon MSN)display advertising on search results pages and content affiliate sites. These are sites that have Google and Overture code which delivers relevant ads to the sites’ viewers. The ads are determined by the same criteria and analysis of the content used for displaying the site in their free results. When these ads are clicked on, Google and Yahoo split the resulting revenue with that website.

So, with our Health Spa, we can open an account with Google, place the code on our pages, and see the resulting ads for competitors and products relating to health spas.

Advertising on these sites generally is less valuable. However, since we can track conversions we can determine what that value is to us.

Free Search Engine Content

The free ( organic in the world of SEO types) content is displayed in the middle of the page and these pages are ranked by

1. relevance of content of the site

2. site’s popularity

Search engines have copies of websites on their servers. They then match a user’s request with your website. Your site relevancy to a given search is the component that consumes Search Engine Consultants. (SEO’s). In short, search engines analyze every aspect of a page to determine its content.

The title of a page, its name, the words that are emphasized and repeated are all important factors.

So, in our case, a page named healthspa.html on

Our website fakewww.healthspa.com has the title

Health Spa. That title is used numerous times on the page. Be careful not to overuse the repetition of the term. You want your site to be readable and

Relevant, not repetitive and spammy.

Popularity is

measured by links pointing to the site from other sites. Basically, the more links that point to your site the better. Google considers each link to be

the equivalent of a vote for your site.

However, not all links are created equal.

Some sites are created simply for linking and

will give little or no value to you. More

details on linking.

Online Marketing

To be successful online requires a commitment to free search/ paid search combined.However, there are limits to the volume of business acquired from these areas. In order to exceed that limit, you need targeted banner advertising.

Due to increasing complexity and competition, more firms are outsourcing their PPC management.

Google and Yahoo are currently the largest and most sophisticated PPC markets. Although both

use auctions and keyword matching, they have many differences that call for varied strategies to be utilized on each.

Their growth has been fueled by:

1) The effectiveness of targeting ads to each search and

2) The auction format for each search term that dynamically determines the value of traffic.

The current accuracy and detail of tracking mechanisms for direct response advertising is unprecedented. In this climate, the success of future advertising will be attributed to the effectiveness of carefully planned SEO strategies.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

A conversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to user behavior you deem valuable, such as a purchase, signup, page view, or lead. They have tools that allow you to measure the cost of each conversion and tell you the effectiveness of your adword campaign.

Conversion code tracking differentiates advertising that generates traffic from advertising that generates sales.

By analyzing the keywords that produce actual sales and determining the value of each sale (profit), a campaign can be created to deliver profitable sales without overpaying for traffic.

Monitoring bids and optimizing campaign

The ads displayed on the search results page are determined by matching the words in the search request to the ad words purchased by the advertiser. Auction determines the ranking of ads from top to bottom. The highest bidder is then positioned at the top of the page.

In addition, Google ranks ads by judging the relevance and effectiveness of each adv. Google automatically optimizes your ads, using the ads that receive more clicks.

Once the ads are created and the bids are set, you now enter the world of online 24/7 auction. You

must now deal with other companies changing bids and your response to these actions.

This auction process ,although ultimately just, can consume infinite time. War-like strategies have been developed that make the auction process resemble a video game, with revenue and exposure as the stakes. Due to the escalating complexities of this process, more firms are outsourcing the actual management of their ad word campaigns, as they do with traditional ad campaigns.

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Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click advertising refers to small text ads at the top and sides of search engine results pages. Advertisers aggressively bid for search terms that people employ to find products and services. As one queries a term, an ad appears. Clients are only charged when the ad is clicked upon and transports the viewer to the site.

Pay per click management is the implementation and monitoring of these ad word campaigns. PPC management entails the following:

· Selection of Keywords

· Adv Creation

· Conversion tracking

· Monitoring bids and optimizing campaign

· Content vs. Search

· Linking

Keywords Selection

A product or service typically contain one or two words that are apparent when selecting search terms. Both Google and Yahoo have a keyword tool aid(service?) that enables you to expand the list of terms and thus generate additional traffic.

There is also the use of negative terms, which disallows wasting money on ineffective ads. A negative term is a word used in tandem with your search term that prevents your ad from being displayed.

For example, if you are a Spa, you might bid on SPA with a negative key word of SUPPLIES. A search for HEALTH SPA SUPPLIES would not show your adv. However, a search for HEALTH SPA would introduce your ad.

ADV Creation

Text ads on Google and Yahoo are minimal-

usually between 15 and 20 words. Ads are connected to a specific search term. So, the initial task is to construct an ad that tells your story by utilizing that term. A searcher determines that you have what they need if you are efficient in the ad you produce! You don’t want to pay for irrelevant traffic.

Google treats text ads differently than Yahoo. Google has a quality score for each ad.

It is a function of relevance and click thru rate- the maximum is pay per click.

As one creates multiple ads for one search term,

Google rotates their use and automatically uses the ads that generate the most clicks. Therefore, when constructing ads for Google, use the search term within your adv. So our adv would be:

Health Spa

Come to the worlds most

Expensive health spa.


In this ad we have the term Health Spa twice, making it highly relevant to anyone searching health Spa. So, over time Google will reward our relevance for that search with a higher ranking.

Initially, this optimization is beneficial for you. Google optimizes clicks’ traffic
to your site. This signifies Google is optimizing its revenue.

However, we want to optimize your revenue.

This is where conversion tracking is critical.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PPC marketing and making keywords relevant

Bob we need to market ourselves to advertising agencies about
our services, what steps can we take?
In school marketing

It seems that the agencies are using Google more now than ever
to research advertising possibilities. Most of the contacts we get
are from small advertisers, but we also are being contacted by
the largest agencies in New York ...all from the internet.

I think the quickest and cheapest way to find out if this is the case
in your area is to set up a small Google Adwords campaign. If you
go to Google Adwords, it is a simple interface to use to set up
your account.

Click on Google Adwords on this page


Two elements to Adwords campaigns

1. keywords
2. text ads

Keywords are the words that you think your clients might use
to find your service. Here are some examples with the traffic
for one month on Yahoo...multiply by 3 (or more ) for traffic
on Google .

I used the Yahoo keyword tool and it gives you the traffic for
the past month for all keywords and gives you variations. I
used Scholastics (good to advertise on competitors name),
Marketing/Advertising with teen/youth.

113 advertising in schools
95 top advertising schools
88 online advertising school
273 marketing to teen
65 youth advertising
269 youth marketing
35 accredited advertising nationally offer school student
25 high school advertising
145 teen advertising
1357 scholastic inc
638 scholastic com
186 scholastic publisher
120 scholastic press
103 teacher scholastic news

This is not a lot of traffic to advertise to...and there must be
more keywords to use...promotions?

Whatever...Google will even help with that when you set up
your account.


Here are the top three ads for the top ten Teen Advertising
on Google

*Teen*/Tween Marketing -NAM
CollegiatePromotions.com Reaching Teens & Kids Nationally! Serving Small To Fortune 1000

Alloy Media & Marketing
alloymarketing.com Leverage proven *teen* ad platforms Reach teens both in & out of school
*Teen Advertising*
BrandConnections.com A Tool For National Brands To Reach Teens & Tweens On Their Vacations!

The key is to use all or part of your keyword in the
advertisement. Google and now Yahoo reward relevancy
in your ads so include.....TEEN ADVERTISING in your
adv for that keyword. Google will show them as bold and
rewards you with higher placement for less $$.

So you should make up a couple of ads similar for
Planet Report....

Teen Advertising

www.planetnewsandviews.com Reaching Teens in schools for 18 years.......blah blah blah

very prominently placed on your site for whatever info you want
from them. Obviously, the more you ask for the fewer signins you get.

There is more to PPC advertising but to get a start on a small
account this should get you going in the right direction.


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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Moving beyond three letters.

These three are intertwined. Pay per click has the advantage of
immediately reaching the broadest market and to track its
effectiveness in measuring sales (or conversions). Once you
find out what is driving your revenue you are able to better
focus your SEO campaign on those terms.

The hardest part of SEO is making a site important in Googles
eyes, PageRank. With low PageRank no matter what you do
optimizing your site, it will not generate interest or traffic from

RSS gives two benefits to a website. One is that as your RSS
feed is syndicated or subscribed to, you will receive more traffic
to your site. The second aspect is that there are a multitude of
directories to submit your site, in some cases these are one-way
links. Some of these directories are aggregators meaning
they take various blogs/RSS feeds and merge them into one feed
for their traffic to subscribe to. In this way your blog/RSS feed can
be propagated accross the internet to relevant sites and relevant

Below is a partial list of current RSS Directories:


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