Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How to start blogging


Is there a simple tutorial or method you could point me at that would allow me to learn the process and get one up for Natural Scratch rather quickly? I could begin working on it later today.

Certainly I have plenty to write about so that's not a problem.

Blogging : The Tutorial! Seven steps....

1) Go to:

2) Click on Sign In upper right hand corner
with your user password

3) Click on NEW POST (middle left in blue)
Type in title to TITLE

4) Type your blog in the big box.

5) Type in a tag (basically most relevant keyword that
describes content of blog) could be several phases separated
by commas:

Cat Scratching Post, whatever....

6) Click on PUBLISH POST.....

Wait a few should say SUCCESSFULLY POSTED ...
or something like that.

7) View Post!...May have to refresh your browser to
see new post...(clear you cache).

This will get you started. Then we market your blog
to appropriate blog directories and some RSS Directories.



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