Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why is my site ranked lower on Yahoo than Google?

Jaison wrote:
I see this morning it has risen to #4. In Yahoo it is #7. What is
the reason for the difference?

They each have their own way of evaluating links and content...
sites seem to rise fastest on MSN and then Google then Yahoo.
Except if you get a lot of links for a keyword
might move faster and higher than on Google.

Google tends to do a better job of rewarding sites with good
content and links from other relevant sites...Yahoo/MSN just
like links from anybody.

Also, with Google they actually have hundreds of data centers
around the country and as they update data constantly...
sometimes you will be 4...then the next minute 7 and
so on. In reality nothing is changing, your query is just
being sent to different data centers...

If you want to get obsessive about it you can go to
Google Datacenter Watch Tool and see how you rank across many (not all ) Google Datacenters.


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