Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Search Engine Marketing: Strategy

I have been to your site. Most of the on site optimization is
already done. The titles to each page and the html page names
repeat the keyword are fine. Although there are not any meta
descriptions, Google has already indexed the content of each page
correctly ( query Google You could add
some alt tags to the graphics, but this tweaking would not have
a big impact.

The real issue for this site is more content and strategies to
make the site more important. Google once again has raised the
bar. They have always stated that for a site to be important
(and get traffic from Google) it must have good unique content
and have other important sites refer to it (link). Googles' most
recent change seems to do this by minimizing the importance of
exchanging links. These you scratch my back, I scratch yours
are not as important as they used to be. Now you must be
more creative than your competiting sites and develop a strategy
to encourage people to refer to your site (link).

My current feeling about search is that you need RSS or blogs
to do well. We can get you listed with all the RSS directories
(80) and many Blog directories we have ( 200+). These directories
and aggregators will generate some traffic and many one way

Your current content of 80 different fruits and vegetables
are targeting single keywords with very high traffic. The
competition for those top 10 spots is already filled by
Wikipedia and other highly ranked sites. Wiki already
has much more information and PageRank. So either you must
develop content for Apple Recipes, Apple Growing...etc
or come up with new strategies to attrack links, like
RSS or Blogs that are of value to users.

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