Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blog Directories

127 Blog directories to submit your blog to ranked by PageRank.

Obviously, all of these directories can help drive traffic
to your blog. Theoretically the higher PageRank will help your
blog more, but in practice some directories will drive real traffic
whether they have good PR or not. Sometimes larger directories
may bury your content and result in no benefit.

There are undoubtedly better ways to rank directories, but
this is they way I am presenting it for now. I have been
to all of these directories today. One step to submit, simple interface. Form says 4 to 6 weeks to approve content. -PageRank: 8 -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 - See Not active . Blogdex is currently being rethought. 5/8/2007 still has good PageRank, bummer!-PageRank: 7 -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 3 - Requires Reciprocal Login and submit form required. -PageRank: 5 Simple form to fill out. Seems to add content quickly to directory. -PageRank: 7 One field submit form, requests link back -PageRank: 7
BoingBoing Six fields to fill out to submit, but some fields optional. Quick to submit.-PageRank: 7 For US News blogs only. This means that national and world news can be listed, but usually not locally-focused publications -PageRank: 7 For US News blogs only. This is a current events search engine. -PageRank: 7 Quick submission. Findory crawls thousands of weblogs to help our readers find and discover interesting news. -PageRank: 7 Login required for multi field form to fill out for submission. Requests reciprocal link to measure your popularity. -PageRank: 6 Requires Login to submit blog to tagged sites. -PageRank: 6 - Only allows 1 blog per email Requires Login to submit blog . -PageRank: 6 - Must pay for submit -PageRank: 6 Directory requires login -PageRank: 6 Merging with Blog Flux -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 News feeds only -PageRank: 6 - No place for submit
BOTW Blog Directory Dmoz type directory of blogs -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 - Site temp down -PageRank: 6 - No place for submit & Email does not work. Dmoz categories of blogs -PageRank: 6 Dmoz type directory -PageRank: 6 - requires reciprocal -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 - Site down -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 - Only allows 1 blog per Email -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 - Site not in English Requires fee to be registered -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 - Requires reciprocal Directory -PageRank: 6 -PageRank: 6 - Must pay for submit -PageRank: 6 - Only allows one blog per Email -PageRank: 6 - Only allows one blog per Email -PageRank: 5 - Site down -PageRank: 5 - Site down -PageRank: 5 - Must pay for submit -PageRank: 5 -Requires reciprocal Requires login in a multi field form. -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 - No place for submit -PageRank: 5 - Only allows 1 blog per Email -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 - Site temp down -PageRank: 5 - Site temp down -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 - Requires reciprocal
BlogMap -PageRank: 5 - No place for submit
Blogz -PageRank: 5 - Site does not function correctly -PageRank: 5 - Requires reciprocal
ContentsMatter Login required -PageRank: 5 Directory of blogs -PageRank: 5
iBlog Business Directory -PageRank: 5
Industry-blogs -PageRank: 5 Only for blogs to help small businesses. Login required and requests link back -PageRank: 5 Garamond type simple text directory -PageRank: 5
Strategic Board -PageRank: 5 Uses tagging -PageRank: 5 - Must pay for submit -PageRank: 5 - Submission page down -PageRank: 5 - No place to submit Dmoz type directory -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 - Spam -PageRank: 5 - Email address provided bounces -PageRank: 5 Dmoz directory of blogs -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 Directory -PageRank: 5 - Site down Directory -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 - Requires reciprocal -PageRank: 5 - Must pay for submit -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 -PageRank: 5 Requires reciprocal link. Relatively simple submit form. -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4- Requires reciprocal Really slow loading -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 - Submission page is down
Redtram -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4 - Submission page is down Indi blogs -PageRank: 4 Marketing blogs -PageRank: 4 - Requires reciprocal Modified Dmoz directory -PageRank: 4 - Requires reciprocal Simple directory -PageRank: 4 Tagging login required -PageRank: 4 -PageRank: 4
Blogintro -PageRank: 3
GeekPhilisopher -PageRank: 3 - Site down -PageRank: 3 - No place for submit Modified Dmoz directory -PageRank: 3 Directory -PageRank: 3 - Requires reciprocal -PageRank: 3 -PageRank: 3 -PageRank: 3 Directory of blogs -PageRank: 2 Easy submit. Recip link is tracked and blog of day on front page determined by traffic you drive to them. -PageRank: 0 -PageRank: 0 - Site down Closed to new submits now -PageRank: 0 Slow to come up. -PageRank: 0 - Submission down -Alexa 1,121,000 PageRank: 0 -Requires reciprocal -PageRank: 0 - Spam -PageRank: -PageRank: - Site down Seems to go off and on line -PageRank: cool -PageRank:
tag login -PageRank:



Anonymous Wolfbernz said...

Thanks for the shout out! BlogDumps now has a page rank of 4.
and the talk in the blogasphere is we are the good guys!
Thanks again

June 22, 2007 1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was an incredible resource. Thank you.

September 6, 2007 11:44 AM  
Anonymous Trina said...

You have Blogdumps listed as, submission page not working.

It is working fine and we are now a page rank of 5


February 24, 2008 11:47 AM  
Blogger zachyounkin said...

Thanks so much for the excellent resource!

I have added one blog already to pretty much every single one on your page.

I hope to add three other blogs to all of them as well to drive up some traffic to my blogs.

Thanks so much!!

July 11, 2008 10:43 AM  
Anonymous Website SEO said...

This stuff is really awesome very useful Thanks for this post..

February 5, 2010 3:17 AM  

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